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You might have been leading an organization or a team for a long time. However, are you up-to-date in your leadership?


Leadershift teaches us that a leader has to be adjustable. The concepts of this book are necessary for any leader seeking to understand and proactively respond to challenges they are experiencing and will experience in today’s fast-paced world of diversity and uncertainty.


Carolina Marin will uncover in this training the 11 essential changes every leader must embrace to create a shift in transformational leadership that will positively enhance organization and personal growth.

This training equips and empowers to start makings these shifts immediately! John makes it clear that “As leaders we must never underestimate the value of reminding others that we believe in them”.


By the end of this training you will learn how to be an encourager of people and connect with them. You will be inspired, motivated and challenged to be open, to transform and let go of some things in order to become a better leader.


Are you ready for the challenge?

As a certified trainer with the John Maxwell Team and having taken part in the launch of this book, Carolina Marin will facilitate this EXCLUSIVE five week, in-depth study of John C. Maxwell's Leadershift. The group will meet weekly through video conferencing discussing the content and how to apply the concepts taught in this study to various areas of your life. Each participant will have access to download study guides and recorded sessions. In addition, Carolina will share insight she has gained from his experience serving on the John Maxwell Team as a global trainer, coach and speaker.

These are the dates:

October 2nd, 7pm-8:30pm EST

October 9th, 7pm-8:30pm EST

October 16, 7pm-8:30pm EST

October 22nd, 7pm-8:30pm EST

October 29th, 7pm-8:30pm EST

You can register today!

Just click the bottom below and send an email with your name and your phone number and make the payment below through PayPal.

I cannot wait to get started. 

Your Coach and Friend,