What would happen in your life if you were to have the CONFIDENCE in what you hope for and the ASSURANCE of what you don't see? Hebrews 11:1

My Word for 2019

You would be unstoppable and see no limitations on your dreams and the things that you want to accomplish. You would learn how to 'dance with fear' instead of being shaken, crippled or overcome by it. You would understand that failure is a part of eventual success; when you don't win you learn, and win anyway.

The challenge here is that many times unless we see tangible quick results we get impatient and sense that our strategy is not working, that we might not be qualified enough and we quit too soon...when on the verge of the miracle. The society that we live in has conditioned us to expect instant gratification from minimal effort and to have low frustration tolerance at the first sign of resistance. We quickly give up when ironically, resistance is what makes our faith strong.

Faith gives us the power to shift perspective during the trials of life, granting us the ability see through the set backs and disappointments to trust that the circumstance is being mysteriously orchestrated to strengthen our faith and to materialize the objectives we've been divinely given. 'So a man thinketh so is he'. The way we view the problem is the problem.

What does it take to have faith and believe 100% in the goals that we set?

It takes great amount of courage to believe in what our physical eyes do not yet see manifested. It takes commitment to train our mindset to supplant our limiting beliefs. Our brains are wired for survival, thus rewiring this tendency will seem counterintuitive at first. These autopilot thoughts need to be challenged in order to train our subconscious to believe for our true purposes.

If we were to have the CONFIDENCE in what we hope for and the ASSURANCE of what we don't see I predict that more people would be more fulfilled in their life and therefore they would express more gratitude and happinness to others.

From 1 to 10, what is your level of confidence when you show up in the world?

What about your thoughts towards things you have no control of?

Would your life be easier when you let go of your worries?

Do you know that the brain does not distinguish real from imaginary? What if you were to train your brain daily through visualizations of the things that you want in your life? Do you think you would end up getting those? My answer is YES. You will subconciously start to become the person who can make those goals happen. The intelectual faculty of IMAGINATION is huge and we not always tap into it...

Visionary leaders are driven and inspired by the positive things that the future holds. They bring hope to others, but first of all they have the confidence that with good planning, execution and the sacred ingredient of faith their team and organization can make anything happen. Believing is achieving, don't you agree?

It is easier said than done. I also think that there are many aspects to take into consideration when setting and achieving goals and I always start with the foundation of FAITH.

Having faith means that you let go of your worries and feel peace in knowing that your actions have a purpose and that you will be OK in the end, beyond all of your worries.

The moment we commit to be successful there is no way back. Whatever success means to you. Maybe it is to become a successful leader, successful business owner, successful parent or friend, successful professional in your field...

What gets in the way of us and success is one thing:


What defeats FEAR? Faith does. Today I invite you today to let your faith be bigger than your fear. Let those unimaginable ways of achieving your dreams come through you. Make a commitment to your purpose, your vision and dream. Let me know how it goes!

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