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You GET what you THINK. An AUDACIOUS thought might seem impossible. IT IS NOT. State clearly WHAT you want and WHY you want it. The HOW will come.

International Maxwell Certification, Orlando August 2019

Take a moment to go back and think about a time when a miracle took place in your life. You thought it was impossible, yet God had other plans for you. There was no way that you could come up with the resources needed to make that thought a reality. There was 1 chance out of 100 that the people you counted on would accept your proposition. Yet they did. Yes your resources appeared. MIRACLES DO HAPPEN. But...How? I’ll share a recent story that illustrates this point but first.... please do stop. Close your eyes because I want you to go back to that miraculous experience and live it again in your mind. Feel it. Smile at it. It was success! It happened and it felt AWESOME. The best thing is that it can happen again. Any major goal that you have starts with a burning desire that becomes a consuming obsession. Our intention will surpass any limiting belief that we may hold, even when we aren’t aware of them. I AM writing this blog entry from the International Maxwell Certification at Orlando. From the balcony on the 15th floor of one of my favorite Marriot Resorts. It was MY DESIRE to be here. I wanted badly to spend these days with TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERS from around the US and the world. I set the intention to be with my JOHN MAXWELL TEAM family...and it happened. I worked out a plan to come up with the resources needed to be here. The plan failed. That meant that I could not attend the IMC in August ☹️ Now if you know me, you know that I persevere. That I will use the last resort to get what I want. And this time was no different. I had one option: I could attend one day of the training and feel what it is to be surrounded by the energy of my John Maxwell family. So I did. Thursday morning I headed to Orlando. I teach people to stretch outside of their comfort zone. It was my time to do what I preach. Two hours and a half later I picked up my mentor from the airport and the magic started. From there I met with the rest of the fam. Friday John Maxwell taught us about decision making: "It is not about the moment you make the decision but about how you manage your decision". Our mindset mentor Paul Martinelli poured so much value into us by teaching how to develop certainty when selling. Finally the and loving and approachable Mark Cole made a difference in the way we view leadership. By the end of the day, I thought IMC was over for me. I felt joyful and grateful. My love tank was SO FULL!! Little did I know....I was far from being right. IMC August 2019 was not over for me. When opportunity comes to your life you need to be ready for it. I will mention the power of connecting and networking and the power of people. “You can get whatever you want in life if you help enough people to get what they want.” Zig Ziglar. That is exactly what happened to me! One of my friends had a ticket for the entire conference and she could not stay. Guess what she did: she gave me her ticket and did not want me to pay anything back!! When you see the next step, you must act! I managed everything and I STAYED!! At the same vibration you’ll get new ideas and will be creative. See? You can imagine the TRANSFORMATION I experienced after spending 3 days at the John Maxwell Team conference. SO much learning, solid business plan, new connections that will open new doors and new mentees that I will add value to. The POWER of PROXIMITY!! I had the opportunity to spend about 6 hours with Dr. Bruce Lipton as well. Let me share some of his wisdom regarding mindset. “Change your mind. Change your life. Your mind controls your reality. "It did to me! You CREATE YOUR LIFE. If you think that you don’t it’s because you’ve been programmed. What you think, you become and every decision you’ve made in your life is based on the energy you have put into it. If you vibrate at a high frequency, positive energy, you will be surprised of all the things that happened to you. You don’t negotiate with your dream. You just believe that it will happen. You state WHAT you want and WHY you want it. You don’t worry about the HOW. It will come. The only thing to do is to challenge the old paradigms. And there will always be a sacrifice. If you want to become an agent of change for people, you will pay the price. And I promise you my friend, IT IS WORTH IT.

I challenge you to life your live INTENTIONALLY. "No one stumbles upon significance. We need to be intentional about making our lives matter. You create your dream and then your dream creates you." John C Maxwell



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