Why Everyone should care about Personal Growth?

You owe it to YOURSELF. To your FAMILY. To your FRIENDS and COMMUNITY & ultimately to THAT PERSON that would never get to know you otherwise.

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Think about it. Every living thing grows to its full potential: How tall will a tree grow? It does not decide to stop growing. It continues to grow all its life. However, mankind has been given an intellect and with it, the power to choose. My friend, change is inevitable but growth is optional.

Take a moment to reflect. Are you performing at your fullest potential? I mean, this might sound like a super hero movie...but would you be able to tell what is the percentage you are currently using of the gifts and talents that you have been given? 85%? 60%? 40%? How can you possibly know? Unfortunately, you will not find the answer to that question in this blog entry. But I do know why you want to be performing at your fullest potential: TO BE BETTER.

Our mission in this world should be to better ourselves daily. When we get better, we feel better, relationships improve, our career flourishes and consequently we serve the world in a better way! We progress and that equals happiness.

Now you might be asking do I intentionally grow? Well the first step is to know yourself. To understand your passions and fears, your strengths and weaknesses, your dreams and values. If you are struggle to determine which ones these are I can help you to gain clarity with that. You can schedule a Discovery Consultation here and I will be happy to chat with you:

Once you know yourself well, you will be able to grow yourself and when you do that you will notice that everything around you starts to grow also. You become a better version of yourself and it shows...

Aim everyday to reach a higher level of awareness...strive to become better!! When we commit to do our best we vibrate at a higher frequency and when this happens we become more aware of things around us. We see new doors openings that were not there before and opportunities that we had never think of just come to us....they do!

MIRACLES DO HAPPEN!! And we need to be aware. There is no such thing as luck. There is preparation + opportunity + awareness that is taken place. That is what I call luck.

One of the principles of leadership that I first learnt when I took 'Gratitude Training' is this: "If it's up to be, it's up to me" meaning I take FULL responsibility of what happens in my life and I understand that. I do not blame circumstances or others for my current situation. Again, how you come to this realization is by becoming aware, by growing yourself.

Why do you need to grow personally? Because the WORLD NEEDS YOU. It needs your unique talents and gifts. And it needs you at your fullest: reaching your potential.

Can you imagine what would have happened if Henry Ford would have not developed himself to propel the industry the way he did? Or if Martin Luther King would have never worked on his speaking skills? Or if Albert Einstain would have given up his inventions because his unwillingness to reach his full potential? Thank God they all did.

Invest time daily in developing your talents. The WORLD is waiting for you to shine YOUR LIGHT. And the person who you still don't also waiting...



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