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Why Leaders need Mentors and Advocates

"Tell me and I will FORGET, teach me and I might REMEMBER, involve me and I will LEARN" ~Benjamin Franklin

It is pretty obvious that behind every great leader there are great mentors and advocates.

During my years in College and specially when I wrote my Master's Thesis I realized the impact that they had on my development. After every mistake I made there was a powerful lesson that I needed to learn.

Once a commitment towards a goal is made the resources that are needed in order to achieve that goal will come. Like Joda said "When the student is ready the Master will appear". I experienced that in the moment that I needed it the most. I want to acknowledge my business mentor Rajesh Tedla. He has absolutely made a big difference in my career. He is a giver and has graciously and generously share his wisdom and resources with me. I will forever be grateful for the investment he is making on me.

Great leaders realize that the highest level of leadership is to "generate" more leaders and that is exactly what Rajesh did to me.

Why Leaders need Mentors?

#1-Mentors provide knowledge and expertise.

They have walked the walk and are ready to share the talk. They have already experienced many of the situations and know what to do to be successful. Wise people learn from the mistakes of others. Mentors help prevent wasting time and point in the direction of success.

#2- Mentors challenge their mentees to step outside of their comfort zone.

Sometimes Rajesh sets big audacious goals that I believe I am not ready to face. This is because he sees talents and abilities in me that I cannot see myself and also because F.E.A.R (False Evidence Appearing Real) gets in my way and he knows that with a sound plan and dedication I can overcome the fear factor and be successful.

#3- Mentors are great connectors.

They have been on the field longer than their mentees and know other professionals that can add value and can potentially collaborate at some capacity. Remember that, it is not who you know but who knows you. The story of another mentor of mine is a great example of that. Paul Martinelli, the President of the John Maxwell Team paid a high price to be mentored by Bob Proctor. This fact made Paul connect with great professionals such as Zig Ziglar, Wayne Dyer, Les Brown and John Maxwell who later became his business partner. The power of connections can open doors that did not even appear to be there.

#4- Mentors are trusted advisors: They want their mentees to succeed.

Mentees are like their legacy. Once leadership is engrained in a leader, there is a responsibility to train other leaders with the aim of creating a bigger impact. Therefore, a mentor will always strive for the success and give the best advice to their mentees.

"We owe our success to the mentors that have walked alongside us."

Leaders need also advocates to increase self-confidence and their ability to perform at their peak performance levels to be successful. Advocates provide visibility and credibility to the leader.

Are you pursuing significance?

Next Step:

Identify somebody this week that you want to grow your influence with. Intentionally, look for ways to make a positive impact in their lives. Inspire them. Not with an intentional gain or purpose other than increasing your influence on them.

To Your Success,