Your Inner Circle must be your Winner Circle

"Show me your FRIENDS and I will show you your FUTURE." "You become the AVERAGE of the 5 PEOPLE you spend MOST TIME with." "As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another." PROVERBS 27:17

I am sure you have heard those before. Have you given them the importance they deserve?

Have you stopped and reflected about how much influence the opinions of others around you have on you?

We are social beings and as such we spend time with others. For the most part, we are influencing one another. What happens when the influence you receive from others does not align to the vision, purpose and goals that you have set for your life?

If you have ever experienced this situation, I feel you. I get that you will not change your family and your most loving friends to be surrounded by like minded people. The change does not have to be that drastic. However, you are in control of how much influence you let sink in you.

In relationships, the person who has the highest level of awareness is in control. We cannot blame others for thinking differently from us. In fact, that would be very wrong. We don't see the world as it is. We see the world as we are. We are all different and opinions are just, that. Opinions. 

In your personal life you should pay attention to something: whenever you come up with ideas, desires and you enthusiastically share them with your inner circle...what is their reaction? Do they support you? Do you find yourself reshaping those ideas because of the value that others add to them? Or on the you feel discouraged because those ideas or beliefs were not validated and decided to lock them in a drawer? How about if that idea could have turned into something big and it never did because of a comment someone close to you made? It has happened to many before. Does it occur often to you?

If your ideas are constantly rejected by your inner circle you should try to find other like minded people. I believe that God puts in our hearts those desires. Specially, when what you try to do will positively impact the lives of people and it becomes significant. God will never put desires in your heart and not provide you with the resources to make it happen. But the people around you, my friend. The people is what makes the whole different. At least, life has taught me so.

In leadership a leader's potential is determined by those closest to him. When you have the right people around you, potential skyrockets. My friend, mentor and business partner John Maxwell says that. In every organization there is an inner circle and the leader's task is to help each member to find greatness in each other. To really become aware of the powerful group that the inner circle represents. The leader will discover and identify the strength of each person. Acknowledge the value of each person’s strength and potential contribution and invite input and allow them to lead in their area of strength. 

Each member of the inner circle must be able to motivate themselves and boost the morale of the organization. They need to support each other in the moments of weakness, because they will surely come. When the culture of an organization is well established this becomes easy. Coming back to the core values, the vision and mission which goes farther than the economical gain.

Best practice: Invest in the talent of the people in your organization. Your inner circle should never stop growing. Hire the best staff you can find, develop them as much as you can, and hand off everything you possibly can to them.

This is what is all about my friend: PEOPLE, PEOPLE, PEOPLE.

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