Your Life is a Leadership Journey

The DIVINE encounters you have. The DECISIONS you make. The PEOPLE you meet along the way. The LESSONS you learn. The FUN you have.

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My name is Carolina Marin and I am VERY EXCITED to post my FIRST entry blog. I had never considered myself a writer and I had never considered myself a leader...LIFE proved me wrong...again. I want to thank my dear friend Darren Ritch for pushing me to start my blog and my prayer is that it inspires thousands.

I am a Spanish transplant in the United States. Being born and raised in Madrid (beautiful Spain) and living in 5 different countries during my 20's made me culturally rich and appreciative of all the wonders life has to offer. During that time I travelled all around Europe and the US. As you can imagine, there were many adventures involved in each of the trips I took. Those adventures required problem solving skills, making important decisions, using critical thinking and acquiring a wide variety of skills...yet at the age of 30 I would not consider myself a LEADER... "I am not a leader" I would say. But I really was. I was just not aware of it... Is this also you? Do you consider yourself a leader?

In order to answer that question, let's look at a very simple definition of leadership. My friend and mentor John C Maxwell puts it this way: "Leadership is influence. Nothing more and nothing less than that". Pretty simple, right? Now, do you have influence over yourself and others? You do direct your life and decisions and you do have a family...You are a leader, my friend.

Like I did, go back in your life and think about those moments that required you to step up and make decisions. Those moments in which you saw yourself as the only person steering the boat, sailing towards the future of your life...what are those? How did you act? What did you learn? Who did you meet? Where did that take you? Take a moment and write it down...

Your life is a leadership journey.

Let's look at some questions that will help you see more clearly that you are a leader. If you still have doubts, then reach out to me and we will discuss your situation in detail.

-Do you normally set goals and work towards achieving them?

-Do you have systems to get things done?

-Do you tell the truth, even when it is hard?

-Are you able to get your message across?

-Do you seek for things that you enjoy doing?

-Are you empathetic with others?

-Do you help people around you?

-Do you inspire them?

There has always been a misconception on this and let's have something clear: Leadership is not management, and I will write about this fact in another entry. The position does not make the leader. The leader makes the position. So what makes up a good leader? In this video I go over 4 'easy difficult' things that make up a good leader:

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